Case’s specialization during their Bachelor of Design degree was Industrial Design (product and furniture design). These are some of their projects.

Void Salt and Pepper Shaker


This ceramic salt and pepper shaker is designed to not only be a usable object, but also to present a visible relationship between two elements. Inspired by The Laugher by Heinrich Böll, the top form cannot peacefully rest without the existence of the lower form. Only together can they share a complete harmonious presence; when separated a void that exists within their relationship becomes apparent.


Cat Tree


Cat Complex, create in collaboration with a classmate. The form is based on a sketch-model Case created out of cardboard and tape.


Syntra Clock


This prototype is made out of flat stock Syntra plastic. The clock is two pieces, which allows the bottom piece to include a small compartment for storing small objects such as jewelry. The simple and clean form of this object was inspired by the designs of Oeuf.


Curves Desk


Curves desk is an exploration of negative space and curvilinear forms. It is designed to be CNC cut out of 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood and then veneered. The horizontal shelves are slotted in place using cams, dowels, and l-brackets.




This razor is designed to be hollow, so that if it is dropped in the bathtub it floats.


Clouds Lounge Chair


It’s frame was created by Case from welded and painted cold-rolled steal tubes.


Eyeball Fixation Speculum for cataract surgery


Designed for Dr. Yau from the Ophthalmology Department at the University of Alberta. Created in collaboration with engineering students Adam Abdo, Jayla Kneller, John Srinivasagam, and Coleman Stephens.


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