Strathearn Art Walk September 8th!

Find me at Strathearn Art Walk next Saturday. This is the second largest art walk in Edmonton and includes over 300 artists. This Art Walk is pet friendly. There also are food and drink vendors and a Beer Garden; enjoy a Saturday in this large park before it gets really cold outside again. I’m not sure where my spot is yet – hope you can fine me!

Date: Saturday September 8, 2018

Hours: Noon to 7pm

Location: In a large park on Strathearn Drive between 89 and 91 streets. For information about how to get to the location whether by car, bike, or bus check here.

Hope to see you on the 8th!

Watercolour Paintings At Commodore

My watercolour paintings are now on display and available for purchase at the Commodore Restaurant in downtown Edmonton. Come for a lovely breakfast or lunch and enjoy the art or visa-versa. Subjects of the paintings include: flowers, bees, dragonflies, ladybugs, butterflies, and birds.

This exhibit will run from August 21, 2018 for a few months.

Exhibit: Nature in Black and White

This exhibit contains black and white watercolour flowers and creatures that Case has painted over the years. A large number of these pieces were painted on location at Art Walk. The colour pallet of these pieces is limited to force the viewer to see the subject in a different way. As with Case’s mixed media pieces, these works also focus heavily on texture. This is the most evident in the fuzzy bee paintings.

More on Case’s watercolour painting process is included in this blog post.

Making Fake Pie

The recently released music video “Wandering On” for local Edmonton band Sudden Love featured a trench coat filled with pies during it’s climax. The main character in the video chases his old self and is forced to confront his former pie addiction.

When I was creating this video, I felt the trench coat with pies was an important image to try to communicate that pie is a drug in the world of this story. However, due to our timeline and budget I was unable to order order fake pies online. So, I made four fake pies in a week.

The materials: my usual default of pink foam and acrylic paint.

Initial Steps in Pie Creation: Foam Shaping

  • Research and print images of what pies look like
  • Cut pie sized cylinders out of the pink foam
  • Carve the pink form to look like pie pieces
  • Sand the pink foam pie peices

Second Steps in Pie Creation: Initial Paint Layers

  • Prime them with white acrylic paint
  • Paint the base colours
  • Paint on more details
  • Use art chalk pastels to add mat detailing

Final Steps in Pie Creation: Details and Attachement

  • Prepare the pie tin with holes and thread for attachment to trench coat
  • Hot-glue pie pieces to pie tins
  • Use acrylic gel and paint to create fake pie sauce
  • Paint any more details
  • Use more art chalk pastels to add more mat detailing
  • Use more acrylic gel to glaze the pies
  • Attach to trench coat with sawing thread and glue dots

This was a fun process, and I really enjoy making props. I hope this blog post was informative! For another example of making a prop out of foam please see my fake sword blog post. I go into more detail about sanding in it, and talk about a different painting method.