Past Exhibits

This is a listing of most of the art exhibits Case has participated in. This listing does not include Art Walk (which she participated in in 2006, 2008, and 2015 – 2018).

“Colour and Texture 2017”

September 2017 to March 2018 | Commodore Restaurant
Solo Exhibit

Case exhibited over twenty mixed media and acrylic paintings at the Commodore Restaurant in downtown Edmonton. To learn more about this exhibit read Vero’s blog post on this topic.

“Selected Works from Seven Years”

February to May 2014 | Edmonton Public Library, Castle Downs Branch
Solo Exhibit

This exhibit included four of Case’s paintings.

Polish Mosaic Art Exhibit

September 2012 | Steppes Galleries
Group Exhibit

Case exhibited three pieces in this show. “For A Friend” is a plaster sculpture inspired by a friend’s pregnancy. “Faces in Pink” and “Faded Memories” are both 24″ x 36″ mixed media paintings. The latter has been altered since that exhibit.

“Under Emigration”

April to May 2010 | FAB Gallery
Bachelor of Design Graduation Show

Four of Case’s Industrial Design projects were shown at this exhibit, a salt and pepper shaker, a lamp, a chair, and a side table.

“You Are Here”

November to December 2008 | AGA temporary location
LGTBQ Youth Exhibit
Part of Exposure: Edmonton’s Queer Arts and Culture Festival

In this exhibit Case showed two pieces. The largest was: “Sketches, Hopeful Temporary Drawings”, which is a 24″ x 36″ mixed media painting on canvas about their optimistic feelings during the beginning of a relationship, despite their usual pessimism about how relationships usually end. The second piece, “Blend”, is a 6″ x 12″ oil painting of two women holding hands, and starting to blend into the background, into society, to not stand out as abnormal – but that change is still far from complete.

“Free For All”

March 2007 | AGA
A not-curated public group exhibit

Case submitted a few pieces to this event.

Cultural Capital Community Arts Celebration

March 2007 | Winspear
A Group Exhibit Representing Exposure: Edmonton’s Queer Arts and Culture Festival

Select pieces from the previous “Get Bent” exhibit were shown at the Cultural Capital Community Arts Celebration event.

“Get Bent”

November to December 2007 | AGA temporary location
LGTBQ Youth Exhibit
Part of Exposure: Edmonton’s Queer Arts and Culture Festival

The piece Case showed at this exhibit was called “Question”. It is a 17.5″ x 22.5″ collage that was created in 2006. The submitted artist statement reads: “[Case] created this piece when [they were] 18, in a life-phase of uncertainty about the future, past, present, [themself], [their] strength to make it through, and life and society in general. The partial transfer of tarot cards from acetate in the upper left corner represents the future. Ripped pages from childhood diaries lay upside-down on the right-side of the page; all [Case] had assumed about [themself] in the far past had been inverted. Lines and brushstrokes simultaneously suggest both searching and being lost under layers. However, hope appears in some sunny yellow paint seeping in and in the stability of the [person] in the bottom right corner.”

“I Wonder”

Summer 2006 | Kids in the Hall Bistro in City Hall
An exhibit of contest winners

Open to High School students, the contest called for a submission of black and white landscape painting paired with a paragraph describing how one’s perception of the world would be affected if they could no longer see in colour.  Case’s submission was a black and white watercolour called “Whispers”.