Making Fake Pie

The recently released music video “Wandering On” for local Edmonton band Sudden Love featured a trench coat filled with pies during it’s climax. The main character in the video chases his old self and is forced to confront his former pie addiction.

When I was creating this video, I felt the trench coat with pies was an important image to try to communicate that pie is a drug in the world of this story. However, due to our timeline and budget I was unable to order order fake pies online. So, I made four fake pies in a week.

The materials: my usual default of pink foam and acrylic paint.

Initial Steps in Pie Creation: Foam Shaping

  • Research and print images of what pies look like
  • Cut pie sized cylinders out of the pink foam
  • Carve the pink form to look like pie pieces
  • Sand the pink foam pie peices

Second Steps in Pie Creation: Initial Paint Layers

  • Prime them with white acrylic paint
  • Paint the base colours
  • Paint on more details
  • Use art chalk pastels to add mat detailing

Final Steps in Pie Creation: Details and Attachement

  • Prepare the pie tin with holes and thread for attachment to trench coat
  • Hot-glue pie pieces to pie tins
  • Use acrylic gel and paint to create fake pie sauce
  • Paint any more details
  • Use more art chalk pastels to add more mat detailing
  • Use more acrylic gel to glaze the pies
  • Attach to trench coat with sawing thread and glue dots

This was a fun process, and I really enjoy making props. I hope this blog post was informative! For another example of making a prop out of foam please see my fake sword blog post. I go into more detail about sanding in it, and talk about a different painting method.

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