Cats and Knitting

Sometimes life gets stressful, but cats are cute (and also jerks). Here’s a bit about four cats I’ve lived with and how they are in regards to knitting.


Milo laying on his spot

This is my six year old cat. Milo’s not much of a problem when it comes to knitting. He’s not interested in the knitting needles or yarn. However, he’s a very cuddly cat. When he wants a hug, he’s getting one. He’ll crawl onto my lap, push aside whatever is in my hands and hug me. This is fine, unless I’m joining yarn with a sharp needle (so I often need to close myself off in a room to join yarn). Occasionally he’ll lay on my lap while I knit. This can include laying on a ball of yarn, the yarn string, or also one of my hands. He also enjoys relaxing on knitted blankets, regardless if they are just out for their completion photo or to seam together.


Bitty the cat curled in a ball

A cat of a former roommate. These photos were from Bitty was one year old and younger.  She is a very energetic cat who’s attention is easily caught by any moving object – knitting needles included. She’s gotten her claws stuck in projects (and my hands) when going after them and/or the knitting needles. Bitty also loves sleeping or sitting on knitting, even if the project is actively in progress. Her cuteness almost makes up for her behavior. Almost.


Leo sleeping on a chair

My mom’s 13 year old cat, is usually very easy going and great to be around. However, he loves balls of yarn. If there is a ball of yarn he will grab it in his mouth and carry it away. If not immediately noticed, this results in a huge tangled mess. His favorite blanket is made of odd knitted rectangles, that use to belong to my mom’s dog Rocky (who is no longer with us). That awkward blanket and Rocky were shown in my Knitter of Edmonton documentary (2 minutes and 25 seconds in). Those squares were made by my high school knitting club in 2006 in order to learn the craft.

On top of loving balls of yarn, Leo also loves unwrapping Christmas presents and stealing their plastic bows.


Memix sleeping on a cushion

Memix (originally called Mymy) used to my mom’s cat and was Leo’s brother. May he rest in peace (he’s no longer alive). Memix, like his brother, loved to unravel balls of yarn, and liked to kick larger “toys”. You can see that, to him, my blue and green knitted mitten was one of his toys.

His name was changed from Mymy to Memix when we learnt at the vet that he in fact was not female.

Cats and Art

Cats don’t just interrupt knitting, they are just as talented at being in the wrong place at the wrong time during art creation. Milo loves covering my canvas drop cloth and painting surface with cat hair, stepping on everything, and trying to drink my paint water.

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