Favourite Free Knitting Patterns of 2017 and 2016

In the past two years I have mostly been knitting presents for friends who have had babies, as well as socks. Out of those projects I completed, here are my five favourite free knitting patterns.

1. “Pinky” Socks

by Trude Hertaas (Ravelry link)

This pattern became my go-to sock pattern in 2016, replacing my former favourite of Cornucopia Socks by Caroline Hegwer. The pattern was simple enough to knit on the LRT (light rail transit), but is very beautiful. If you know how to read your knitting, it’s very easy to not loose your place every time you pick the project back up.

2. Quickie (5 Hour) Baby Sweater

by Anne Stoddard (Ravelry link)

A beautiful lacy baby sweater that can be knit up in one weekend, yes please! I was surprised that this project took as little time as promised. As well, this is the cutest of the baby sweaters I made this year!


3. Camp Out Fingerless Mitts

by Tante Ehm (Raverly link)

This pattern very easy to adapt and customize, and can be made for any size of hand. Just knit for rows until it can wrap around your knuckles, bind off on three needles, and pick up and then knit in the round. Okay, maybe that just sounds simple for me, but I’m just happy I didn’t have to do any math.

4. Baby Blocks Blanket and Hat Set

by Ingrid Fallon (Ravelry link)

Simple, easy, and beautifully textural. Anyone who knows the projects I prefer, know I love patterns that don’t require colour changes to be interesting. The little blocks you create in this blanket do just that without requiring any complicated, overly-focus, detail. I love knitting while watching TV shows and movies. This is a great project for multi-tasking.


5. Baby Sachiko Kimono Sweater

by Erika Flory (Ravelry link)

I should be honest here, I modified this one quite a bit. The pattern is written for one colour and I added a second where the thicker parts on a gi would be. As well, I didn’t seem to get the gauge quite right, leading to some more modifications. This pattern is on this list mostly because I think a gi-styled sweater for a baby is an adorable idea, but then again I also love martial arts.

To see more projects I’ve worked on find me on Ravelry as neonblacksheep.

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