Old Projects: Figurative Sculpture

During Design/Art school I learned to create figurative clay sculptures (2006-2011). This took place both in a first year fundamentals class, as well as during a figurative sculpture class.

“Sad Girl”

Sculptural Bust of a Classmate (Jieun)


  1. Create a clay sculpture
  2. Create a mold out silicone and a shell for the mold out of plaster
  3. Cast a plaster head
  4. Refine the plaster head, add colour and a protective layer

Clearly there is a lot more that can be said about the details of those steps. Maybe mold making will be a post for another day.

“David” and “Angry Man”

Sculptural Bust of a Model (David)

The same process was taken with this bust as with the earlier one, except that the initial clay sculpture was further refined/abstracted and fired. Creating two different sculptures.

Tip: Dental tools make great tools for working on plaster sculptures.

“For a Friend”

Cast Plaster Relief


  1. Use plaster bandages to create mold of chest
  2. Create cast from mold
  3. Make a box form, lay chest cast in the form, and cast the backing
  4. Cast other objects, combine these objects
  5. Refine sculpture
  6. Attach pieces
  7. Finish (paint, wax, or other)

Tip: Use Vaseline on body parts when casting yourself or others with plaster bandages. This will decrease adherence to your body (though some hairs will still stick). Also coat the plaster bandage forms with Vaseline before creating casts from them, or they will stick together.



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