Art on Display at Commodore

Twenty three of Case’s smaller abstract paintings are on exhibit at Commodore Restaurant in downtown Edmonton from September 2017 until March 2018. Commodore is located at 10712 Jasper Avenue and is open from morning until afternoon all week. This old fashioned diner serves good food at good prices, and has been in business for 75 years. Stop in for a bite and see Case’s art! The art pieces are available for purchase on location, as well.

To see some of the pieces that are on display and prices, see the Mixed Media Catalogue on this site.

Exhibit: Colour and Texture 2017

The works displayed here are a selection of smaller pieces Case has created in
the last three years. In this exhibit you can see pieces that focus solely on aesthetic
considerations and others that were heavy driven by emotions. A few were inspired
by the act of creating objects themselves. Most of these pieces focus heavily on layering and texture. Rice paper, thread, and sometimes even toothpicks are used to increase the visual complexity of the works. While specific emotions, and even circumstances, may have been used as inspiration, the artist invites you to connect with these abstract paintings and find your own emotions inside of them.

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