Old Projects: Drawing

Occasionally I might share some old projects from art school. This is the first post on that theme.

Four Quadrants


Charcoal, 30″ x 30″, 2008

I’ve displayed this piece a few times. The project was:

  1. Take photos of small things (leaves, yarn, dirt, etc.)
  2. Choose 4 photos, and print them out in black and white
  3. Combine the photos together into quadrants
  4. Use a magnifying glass to convert that little 2″ image onto a 30″ piece of paper


Still Life Series

Conte, 12″ x 17″, 2008

These are some limes drawn from four distances.


Some Other Drawings


Drawing Tip

Know your medium! Charcoal comes in many forms (listed from light to dark):

  • Powdered (apply and smug and remove with kneaded eraser)
  • Vine
  • Charcoal pencils
  • Compressed
  • Conte (compressed with oil – does not erase well)

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